WINNIPEG — A new study that claims to be a “report card” of every high school in

Western Canada was released this morning — but there was little information on Manitoba schools.
The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies in collaboration with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy released its comprehensive study, listing results for a wide range of categories: enrolment, pupil-teacher ratio, teacher certification, attendance, and average marks for provincial senior math and language arts exams.

But the report said Manitoba refuses to release any details that would allow a comparison between high schools.

For the Manitoba schools, the results parents would be keen to know — math and LA marks, teacher certification — are marked n/a.

“Manitoba operates in the dark ages,” the report states. “It does not make school level information public, will not make it public and refuses to release any information that would allow school level comparisons to take place.”

The interim report can be found on the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies web site: