On October 26, 2006 AIMS Fellow in Public Education, Angus McBeath, delivered a presentation entitled, Saving Our Public Schools.”

As Superintendent of Schools in Edmonton Mr. McBeath led the movement to reform the city’s public schools and improve student achievement. He instituted a set of changes to the school system, which is now referred to as the Edmonton model.

The Edmonton model stresses choice, accountability and decentralization. Edmonton public schools allow parents to choose which schools their children attend, they allow the local board to decide how to teach the provincial curriculum and they make teachers and principals responsible (and answerable) for student performance.

The success of the Edmonton model has drawn attention from across North America and Mr. McBeath has spoken extensively across both Canada and the United States. This AIMS Breakfast Briefing was his second time speaking in Halifax.

To read a full transcipt of his remarks, click here.