It was a tempest in a teapot, but it definitely moved the word Atlantica to the mainstream. A conference organized by the Atlantic Provinces Chambers of Commerce became a lightening rod for a coalition of groups opposed to the concept.

AIMS, as the leading proponent of Atlantica, became the voice and face for the news media eager to write about the concept.

Reaching Atlantica: Business without Borders attracted 500 delegates to Saint John, NB from around Atlantic Canada and the northeastern United States. A meeting called Resisting Atlantica was organized by opponents and took place across town. 

The resulting publicity generated daily news stories about Atlantica and put the concept on the front page of newspapers and leading national newscasts. 

AIMS president Brian Lee Crowley acknowledged the voices of dissent in his remarks on the final day, “Maudie, you have taught me a powerful lesson. The next time I want to popularize an idea, I’m going to hire you to organize a demonstration against it. Keep up the good work.” (Maude Barlow is the President of the Council of Canadians the group that organized opposition to the Atlantica concept.)

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