“Patient Power and Provider Competition:
Is the Swedish Health Care Approach Right for Canada?”

A talk by Johan Hjertqvist

Tuesday, September 25, 2001
Bluenose Room, Delta Halifax
Lunch 12:00 – 2:00

Johan Hjertqvist explains why
public health care has to reform
or die


Jean Chretien and Roy Romanow are only two of the Canadian political leaders in recent months to laud the Swedish health care reforms of recent years as a possible model for Canada to follow as it grapples with rising costs, waiting lists, labour troubles and other significant challenges.

Johan Hjertqvist, one of the architects of reform in Sweden, describes the steps Sweden has taken, and is preparing to take, to modernize the ways in which health care is delivered. The market approaches being successfully implemented by Sweden include hospital privatization, large-scale contracting out, use of the Internet to inform health care consumers and reduce waiting times, user fees, parallel public and private health care, and more.

Review Johan Hjerqvist’s speaking notes:
Reform or Die: How to save public health care?   


Even before the speaker’s talk, animated
conversations about the future of health
care were underway at every table.

The Speaker Series partners gather to express
their thanks to our speaker. From left to right
are George Cooper, AIMS Vice-Chairman, Johan
Hjertqvist, luncheon speaker, Don Mills, President
of CRA, Vince Marsh, Partner in Deloitte Touche
and Brian Lee Crowley, President of AIMS. Missing
from this picture is Ross McCurdy, Chairman of
Greater Halifax Partnership

Johan Hjertqvist responds to media questions
following his presentation.

Johan’s provocative talk inspired many
post-luncheon discussions among
those in attendance

AIMS Vice-Chairman and Swedish Consul to
Halifax, George Cooper, thanks speaker Johan
Hjertqvist on behalf of the Series partners AIMS,
Greater Halifax Partnership, Deloitte Touche
and Corporate Research Associates