Maine Maritimes Business Summit

September 11, 2003
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 Featured Speakers

Our Shared Region
‘Atlantica’ and practical suggestions for border initiatives

Brian Lee Crowley, President AIMS
Speaking Notes
 Regional coherence and interregional competition

Tim Woodcock, Attorney, Eaton Peabody

Cross Border Legal Issues

 Lawrence J. Stordy, Partner,
Stewart McKelvey Sterling Scales
Read Lawrence Stordy’s speaking notes 
 Daniel G. MacKay,
Attorney, Eaton Peabody
Read Daniel G. MacKay’s speaking notes

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Maine representatives join Brian Lee Crowley for a boat tour of the
Port of Halifax during Maine – Maritimes Business Summit.


Tim Woodcock of Eaton Peabody presents an idea during his afternoon session talk on
regional coherence and interregional competition at the Maine Maritimes Business Summit.


ProgressCorp President Neville Gilfoy speaks at the Maine Maritime
Business Summit.
ProgressCorp presented the conference in
conjunction with the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies