How do you beat City Hall?

AIMS Breakfast Briefing
with Larry N. Mitchell, one of the world’s foremost experts on municipal performance 

The Prince George Hotel – Halifax – 5 October 2006

 AIMS President Brian Lee Crowley concluded the Breakfast Briefing with a word to those in the audience in the municipal field, “You’ve just seen the future!” And said with a smile, “Expect this at a think tank near you, real soon!”

Larry Mitchell spent the briefing explaining the changes that have been made in New Zealand and how those changes have provided better accountability and more information to residents. He pointed out that a change to legislation means that the elected official in local government are now responsible for policy, while the paid officials take care of the operations.

“That means there is nothing an elected official can do to have your road paved now, or a pothole filled, that’s operations and that’s the CEO’s job,” explained Mitchell.

To view Larry Mitchell’s the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

A transcript of his remarks will be posted within weeks.