The Grano Speakers Series was established as a modern-day salon: a smaller, more intimate gathering where thought leaders in business, government, academia and the media can meet to discuss world events. The Grano Series takes place at Toronto’s Grano restaurant with an intimacy that provides the perfect combination of informal dining and an energetic atmosphere for debate and discussion. All events are by invitation only.

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies has been a partner since the series inception. On February 10, 2005 Samual Huntington was the third speaker in the series. He spoke to the “Great American Myth”, and concluded:

My central argument is the American empire doesn’t exist. It’s a myth. And the fact that people believe in this myth has some not very good consequences. Because of the belief in this myth by both Americans and non-Americans, we are moving in the direction in which, if current trends continue, Iraq will only be the first in a series of incidents with disastrous consequences.

Samuel Huntington, the Harvard University political scientist whose The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order in 1996 predicted conflict between the West and Islam, spoke in Toronto recently on the limits of U.S. power. Huntington was the third of four speakers in the Grano lecture series on The American Empire.


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