Thoughts, Words, Actions, Character – so begins a journey from Atlantic Canada to El Salvador and back. In these remarks before the regional Civitas Dinner in Halifax, AIMS president Brian Lee Crowley provides more than just food for thought, he weaves a tale of ideas, fallacies, growth and reward. He challenges the audience: 

“All we can do is to choose what we will do in the face of the facts of our situation. If we choose to be victims, then we will still be screwed, and we will leave our fate in the hands of others. That is the consequence of the choice to be a victim. But if we refuse to be victims, and choose to say that we will succeed despite having been screwed, then we are no longer victims who merely suffer from the actions of others. We become powerful actors in our own right, who need nothing more than their own energy and determination to overcome what others have done to us. For that is the consequence of this quite different choice.”

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