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The Electricity Consumers Alliance of Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies Present Second Major Power Conference

Wednesday, 12 November 2003, Hotel Beauséjour, Moncton, NB

Two years ago, AIMS and ECANS brought the very best ideas about competition, deregulation and market opening in the electricity field to Atlantic Canada in “Plugging in Atlantic Canada”. Now, with a recent major power outage in central North America, looming power generation shortages in the Maritimes, painful lessons to be learned from California and Ontario, and a growing awareness of the importance of regional co-operation across the Canada-US border, AIMS and ECANS are back with an update on how power markets are evolving, what it means for this region – and which region is the “right” one for electricity purposes.
Opening remarks by AIMS’ president Brian Lee Crowley

Keynote Speaker

Curt Hébert Jr.
Executive VP, External Affairs
Entergy Corporation
Past Chair, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

“A model for the electricity market of the future.”


Curt L. Hébert, Jr. joined Entergy Corporation as Executive Vice President, External Affairs on September 1, 2001 after a lengthy career as a government energy regulator at both the federal and state levels. Hébert served four years as a presidential appointee to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He was named to a Republican seat on FERC by President William J. Clinton in 1997 and was elevated to chairman by President George W. Bush in January, 2001. He has been a strong supporter of deregulation and competitive market pricing, and under his leadership FERC resisted requests to impose price caps. FERC is an independent federal commission that, among its duties, regulates the sale of electric power intended for resale and transmission. FERC is responsible for overseeing a $250 billion electricity industry, putting the agency in charge of regulating pricing for about 73 percent of the electricity used in the US.

Mr. Hébert’s speaking notes.

Other Featured Speakers


Gordon Weil
Chairman, Weil Consulting Group
“A plan for regional co-operation in Atlantica (the International Northeast)”

Gordon Weil was Commissioner of Business Regulation, Director of the Office of Energy Resources and Public Advocate of the State of Maine. He has served on numerous regional energy bodies and was chair of the national organization of state energy agencies. He is the author of AIMS’ latest paper, “The Atlantica Power Market: A plan for joint action”.

Read Mr. Weil’s paper


Stewart MacPherson
President and CEO (Acting), New Brunswick Power Corporation
“Competition, restructuring and market opening.”

Mr. MacPherson joined NB Power in 1966 and has held senior positions in the areas of rates and load forecasting, materials management, business information systems, customer service and corporate planning. He is the architect of NB Power’s business development plan, which will see the refurbishment of major generating facilities over the next several years.

Read Mr. MacPherson’s Presentation
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Jim Connors
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Emera
“What’s working and what’s not in regional co-operation.”

With more than 22 years in the energy sector, law and regulatory affairs, Jim is adding his expertise to develop and execute an integrated regulatory strategy for Emera and its subsidiaries. Throughout his legal practice, Jim has made numerous appearances at all levels of trial and appellate courts and a range of regulatory tribunals, including the Supreme Court of Canada, the National Energy Board and the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board

Read Mr. Connors speaking notes


Ken Malloy
CEO, Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets

Ken is internationally recognized as a bold visionary on the energy industry’s transition from monopoly to competitive markets. He is an energetic, provocative, and entertaining speaker who has made over 600 presentations in the last two decades to every sector of the energy industry. CAEM is an independent, non-profit, Washington DC, think tank specializing in the impact of technology and competition on transforming energy markets. CAEM established an affiliate in Canada in October 2001.

Read Mr. Malloy’s speaking notes


Rod Taylor
Former Executive Vice President, Hydro One

Before retiring in January of this year, Rod Taylor was Executive Vice President, Planning and Development for the Hydro One Inc. holding company. Through his 25 year career he headed many subsidiaries including Network Asset Management, Network Services and Hydro One Delivery. At Ontario Hydro, he was Director of Strategic Planning and principal author of the original reports calling for the end of the power monopoly. He is currently working with clients in the Alberta and Ontario power sectors.

Read Mr. Taylor’s Presentation

The conference also featured other outstanding speakers such as:

George Spencer
Editor, Restructuring Today 
Read Mr. Spencer’s speaking notes

Karl Pfirrmann
President, Midwest Region, PJM Interconnection
Read Mr. Pfirrmann’s presentation

Robert Burke
Principal Analyst in Markets Development, New England ISO 
Read Mr. Burkes’s presentation

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