“They” know things you don’t so we try to level the playing field with information that lets you see where they spend your money and what you get for the money they take. Whether it’s schools or city hall, it’s about openness and honesty.

For eight years AIMS has produced its Annual Report Card for Atlantic Canadian High Schools. The work includes an on-line report card that can be used to more easily identify what is happening in your school and how its results compare to other schools in your province. In addition, AIMS in cooperation with the Frontier Centre released early in 2010 an Interim Report Card for Western Canadian High Schools.

The National Municipal Performance Report, first released in July of 2009, not only tells us whether we receive good municipal service, but also whether we pay too much for those services. The report grades Canada’s largest cities and capitals based on the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery using a three year average (2005, 2006 and 2007).

Similarly AIMS produced Interim and Final Municipal Performance Reports for all the towns and cities in Nova Scotia and in New Brunswick.

For people living or travelling in Atlantic Canada under gas price regulation, check Gas Price Regulation to watch your dollars spin away on the AIMS Guzzling Gas Regulation Gauge and see you can see how much more money you spend filling up your car because the price of gasoline is regulated by the provincial governments.