In this commentary, originally published for New Start Nova Scotia, Bill Black explains that Nova Scotia’s population is aging, while the birthrate is declining. The result is a growing demand for seniors housing and long-term care. The population is also increasingly urban. Rural Nova Scotia will lose 25,000 people over the next 10 years.


Comparing Nova Scotia’s immigration policies to those in other provinces, Black identifies areas where Nova Scotia’s policymakers can learn from those in Manitoba, ideally resulting in a stable school-age population and a growing workforce. Nova Scotia has been laggard in attracting immigrants, and the government has failed to explain the threats – particularly to rural communities – if we do not grow our province’s population. 


In We need more Nova Scotians, Black outlines the specific areas where the Nova Scotia government can improve. He explains that aggressively pursuing immigration strategies can help solve this problem. Attracting and retaining newcomers will require a sustained effort by government, businesses and communities.

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