The last great debate in Canada was that around signing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US – an agreement that boosted the Canadian economy. Risley argues that now it is time for another debate and another win. He argues this particularly for Atlantic Canada, an area in which the regional policy lacks vision, and the population knows little of other international economies.

In this commentary, AIMS Board Chair John Risley asserts that we need a vision, a debate around what Atlantic Canada can focus on to be globally competitive. He suggests that our efforts must begin with the attempt to create “a marquee for the region,” something that Atlantic Canada could be known for internationally. As such, he is proposing a series of ideas to accomplish this. His first in a series of ideas, outlined in this commentary, is to take an existing rural town in Atlantic Canada and turn it into the greenest community on the planet.

In The Next Great Debate, Risley lays out the plans for funding and marketing this potential initiative. This commentary is a first step in what he hopes will be a community debate that gives young Atlantic Canadians a reason to stay in their communities.
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