Want to build a new bridge over the Hudson River outside New York to replace one about to fall down? How about a new bridge in the transportation corridor between the U.S. and Canada, the subject of the largest flow of commercial traffic between our two countries? They’re bogged down in environmental and legal battles or turf wars between those who want a private sector component and those who only want the public sector design/ construction/ownership formula. There is no single authority who can overrule such nonsense and say “this is a national priority, we must get on with it.”

In this commentary, The great enabler, AIMS Board Chair John Risley explains the importance of infrastructure as a huge enabler for growth. It is the difference between investing money, which we are not good at, versus spending money, which unfortunately we are too good at. Risley says that Canada needs to realize that our competitors, like China, are making huge inroads, progress we are years away from being able to replicate.

As Risley explains, infrastructure in all its various forms lays the foundation for that growth. We must contemplate the future and plan to both enable and profit from it.

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