In this presentation made before the Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick, Gordon L. Weil says the time has come to resume talks on a regional transmission rate. He suggests that if that is done, the province of New Brunswick could be the cornerstone of a new regional market, and its consumers, including its companies, could profit from it.

Weil provides the example of moving power along the existing grid.

“Removing barriers imposed by transmission rates is essential for developing a new market in this region. Each power corporation currently has its own rate. In order to transmit power from New Brunswick to northern Maine, which is in fact part of the New Brunswick system, transmission costs have to be paid on two systems. If Emera wants to transmit power from Nova Scotia to Maine, for use by Bangor Hydro consumers, its subsidiary, it has to pay three times.”

To read the complete presentation, click here et en français.

Gordon L. Weil is president of Standard Energy Company of Augusta, Maine and Chairma of the Weil Consulting Group. He is also author of the AIMS paper, The Atlantica Power Market: A Plan for Joint Action.