In this commentary, AIMS Director of Research Don McIver explains that a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union (EU) would provide an opportune platform upon which to implement the economic reforms Canada needs. Canada has recently entered trade talks with the EU, and stands to benefit substantially from an agreement.Click hereSelling Ourselves on Self-Interest

This commentary addresses several policy shifts being debated amongst the trade talks. Namely: agricultural supply management, public procurement, intellectual property, and increased international labour mobility. For Canada, many of these issues are ones where we could profitably concede unilaterally. By dismantling Canadian agricultural supply management, McIver writes, Canada will be taken more seriously as an international player. He discusses the merits of allowing for mutual free access for Canada and the EU to each others’ government contracts. A harmonized agreement guaranteeing innovators reliable protection of their intellectual properties would give Canada time to develop long-term strategies to ensure domestic R&D presence, among other industries.

In Selling Ourselves on Self-Interest, Don McIver argues that engaging in a trade agreement with the EU would promote competition in both domestic and foreign markets, and ultimately greatly benefit the Canadian economy.

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