New Brunswick is committed to being the energy hub of Atlantica. It is well on its way. Already six out of ten cars in Boston are powered with fuel produced at the Irving oil refinery in Saint John. The province is also moving toward electrical and clean energy generation.

New Brunswick Deputy Minister of Energy, Claire LePage, explained the strategy at the Canadian Energy Forum in Halifax organized by the Energy Council of Canada.  

“There are no borders in North America when it comes to energy. New Brunswick is committed to being a strong partner with the US Northeast,” she said. Her speech came just one month after New Brunswick and Maine committed to the Northeast Energy Corridor. LePage talked of its importance to Atlantica.

“The Northeast Energy Corridor would create a path to market to increase our region’s supply of secure, reliable and clean energy; attract investment; and create new economic development opportunities. It will also significantly accelerate the development of wind energy resources in both Maine and New Brunswick. This marks an important milestone in the development of a New Brunswick energy hub and in our partnership with the State of Maine. We have the potential to write a new chapter with respect to cross-border energy sector collaboration and partnerships,” LePage said.

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