In Brief: The last ditch effort by the Newfoundland and Labrador government to keep the Stephenville mill open failed. That’s not to say the government won’t try to use millions of dollars to entice another operator to re-open it. In this commentary, Newfoundland’s Peter Fenwick says there’s a much better way to spend that money.

The chains are on the gates. The Stephenville paper mill is closed. The workers have received their severance and are being recruited for jobs outside of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The provincial government tried to entice the operator to stay open and will likely offer millions of dollars to try to attract a new operator. In this commentary, AIMS Fellow with Responsibility for Fisheries and Issues in Newfoundland Peter Fenwick says it’s a strategy that has been used before and failed repeatedly.

Rather than throw wads of money at a new operator, Fenwick suggests there is a much better plan the government should consider for that money. He says use it for tax cuts and that will create job opportunities and economic growth.

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