Proliferating Muslim Brotherhood organizations, Gulf money, record-breaking immigration, and a debilitating confusion of identity and values, have led to a disturbing expansion of radical-Islam’s presence and influence in Canadian society, government and politics.

Relying on sensitive sources, Montreal-based Point de BASCULE website Editor Marc Lebuis  documents this largely-undisclosed reality in this transcript of remarks before the 2009 Civitas National Conference. A well-travelled veteran of interfaith initiatives, Lebuis highlights evidence of extremist penetration of government and nongovernmental institutions, at home and abroad, and underscores the corresponding threat of Islamism to our fundamental rights and values, including the Charter rights to life, security and free expression.

The relative silence of mainstream media in these matters – and the explanation for this silence – is seen as symptomatic of the multi-front challenge that is upon us. Against the unprecedented backdrop, his message is clear: Canadians can no longer rely on previous assumptions about the governance and wellbeing of their country, or about related prospects for their loved ones. Lebuis offers solutions that recognize the difficult circumstances in which Canadians now find themselves.

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