The competitive advantages of Halifax should serve as a great opportunity not just for the region as a destination but also for Buffalo as hub.

This commentary, written by AIMS Atlantica policy analyst Stephen Kymlicka, explores the use of Buffalo as an integral part of the Atlantica concept. It’s the backgrounder paper prepared to support a talk given by AIMS president Brian Lee Crowley in Buffalo in April of 2006.

It concludes that the good news is that everyone seems to want a multi-modal facility in Buffalo. There is optimism that plans for a large, multi-modal yard for all carriers in Buffalo will help. It suggests the challenge is for industry and government to step up and support a proposal that maximizes the opportunities for trade and regional development.

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Crowley’s appearance in Buffalo was well-covered by the media, including a column by Donn Esmonde in The Buffalo News. Esmonde writes: “We sit at the end of a Great Lake, connected to the world by road and rail. There is a place for us on the global trade map. This is neither folly nor a fever dream. It is about what we already have and how we can use it.”

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