In this commentary, Bill Black of New Start Nova Scotia discusses the provincial government’s request for the regional health authorities to cut spending by 3% next year, as one of a series of difficult choices being made to improve the province’s fiscal position. Black argues that this move, however necessary, is not as courageous as it looks.

Due to cuts in recent years, Black argues that it will be difficult for regional health authorities to find the savings they’re required to. Instead, he suggests that cuts at the ministerial level would offer big savings and reductions in non-essential areas. While some savings can be found at the regional level, the Minister has an opportunity to find savings without affecting patient car.

In Healthy Cuts, Black argues that the Minister has set a goal without evidence that she is willing to own any of the choices that the goal requires. To show real courage she should accept accountability for coming up with half of the 3% cuts through initiatives that only she can take.

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This commentary is a follow-up to an earlier commentary titled Healthy Conversation. Click here to read the earlier commentary.