The Canadian health care system is facing an unprecedented financial crisis as populations age and health care spending continues to out strip economic growth in most provinces.

Canadian Health Care Consensus Group signatory and former Minister of health and social affairs for Quebec Claude Castonguay outlines the pending crisis in Quebec and gives innovative policy solutions in this Commentary: Health Care: Towards significant changes

For Castonguay the time for real solutions has come, he says;

“We have to move beyond patchwork solutions and filling the gaps in order to respond to the problems that arise continually. For far too long, corrective measures have tried to plug the holes in the system at a cost of billions of dollars. Fundamental changes are necessary.”

He recommends changes to the Canada Health Act saying it no longer serves its original purpose of providing quality care across the country, but rather limits the quality of care that could be received in many cases.

“Just like our health care program, the Canada Health Act that sets out its framework needs to be adapted and clarified. In its current formulation, the Act restricts, if not prohibits, the changes that are required,” he said. “These proposals, which constitute a genuine program, aim essentially to protect the universal character of our health system while at the same time reducing the growth in public sector costs to an acceptable level.”

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