In this commentary, originally published in Atlantic Business Magazine, AIMS Board Chair John Risley suggests a common sense approach to reducing greenhouse gases – an approach that is politically implementable and reduces our carbon footprint.

Risley suggests policymakers tax all gasoline consumption in the United States with a 10 cent a gallon (2.5 cents a litre) contribution to the world’s environment, instantly creating a fund of $10-billion (USD) a year. Then he suggests they use that money to shut down deforestation, which produces 12-18% of the world’s carbon emissions and only provides $1.2 billion annually in profit. Risley also suggests governments ban new coal plants, as coal is harmful to the environment even beyond the impacts of carbon emissions.

At a time when there is much debate surrounding climate science, Risley asserts that the world needs leadership on the issue, while remaining mindful of global economic affects. In Greener Pastures, Risley suggests we all need to play our part in preserving our world.
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