In this commentary, Perry Newman, President of Atlantica Group LLB, draws on the spirit of the Jewish Passover season to reflect on why it’s important that we open our minds and think critically.

Passover is a celebration of the liberation of the Jewish slaves from Egypt in biblical times. Newman writes that it’s the lessons we take away from the holiday that are most important. There are many “narrow places” – metaphorical Egypts – that continue to enslave us. Newman suggests there are efforts we all can make to deny to demagogues, bloviators, inciters and hate-mongers the oxygen, i.e., the wherewithal, to spew their caustic invective among us.

In Global Matters, Newman writes that in this season of introspection, he hopes to free himself from the narrowness of complacency, from the sense that someone else will take care of it, from the “Egypt of the mind” that allows hypocrisy to masquerade as expertise.

Next year, may we all be free – at the very least – of the bonds that prevent us from exercising our better judgment.
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