In this commentary, AIMS Board Chair John Risley reflects on the importance of “getting Canada right” – understanding our challenges and addressing them through a number of avenues. From not littering to engaging our native communities, to good healthcare and education, Risley emphasizes the importance of good policy. In this piece, he focuses on industrial policy.

Industrial policy keeps Canadians employed. To be the rich and prosperous nation we claim to be, we need the Canadians who want jobs to be able to get them. This, Risley writes, involves ensuring an inclusive policy, capable of providing jobs across the country and talent spectrum. Canadian policies must be more coordinated between the federal government and the provinces, and focus on long, not short-term, objectives.

In Get Understanding, Risley argues that Canada needs more broad-based industrial development exercises, but most importantly, we need our fellow Canadians and policy-makers to understand the importance of growth for our economy and our country.

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