AIMS President Brian Lee Crowley delivered a major speech and released AIMS’ new paper on Canadian aquaculture at “Foreshore, Law and Politics” an international conference on coastal, fishery and aboriginal issues being at the New Zealand Parliament, on Saturday, October 4th, 2003. In a talk entitled “Who should own the sea and why it matters”, Crowley outlines how the benefits of individual quotas or property rights will result in sustainable fisheries whereas the current ‘open access’ or common property fishing practices are leading to rapid decline of fisheries worldwide. To read the full text of this talk, click here.

In conjunction with this speech. Dr. Crowley took the opportunity to release AIMS major new paper on Aquaculture completed in cooperation with the Canadian Aquaculture Institute and entitled “Fencing the Last Frontier” by Dr. Robin Neill.

In the paper, UPEI economist, Robin Neill argues that because there is no comprehensive body of law dealing with the industry, producers are forced to navigate a maze of sluggish and inept bureaucracy with no restraint on government and administrative discretion.

For more on this paper, click here.