Those who help themselves get help, to paraphrase a Ben Franklin quote from 1757 (no, not the Bible). Never perhaps is that more the case than today in Atlantic Canada with people bandying about terms like the Atlantic Gateway and Atlantica. How to take action is the central theme in Follow or Get Out of the Way: Why the public sector can not and should not lead the charge for the Atlantic Gateway.

In this Commentary, based on remarks to the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, AIMS Executive Vice President Charles Cirtwill says people should not confuse the discussion on the Atlantic Gateway with that of the 2.1 billion dollar Gateway Fund. He says government may be leading the Gateway Fund, but it is the private sector that should lead the Gateway concept.

The Atlantic Gateway provides a a great opportunity for Atlantic Canada to expand its trade and economy. However, Cirtwill says we can’t wait for someone else to do it for us. He explains that for far too long industry and government have studied the opportunities and concluded the trends are good. But now the question is, what are we going to do to take advantage of them?


Cirtwill cautions that if the Atlantic Gateway is not supported by the private sector, it will not function properly or completely fulfill its potential.

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