In this commentary, Bill Black of New Start Nova Scotia explains how the Nova Scotia government could more wisely spend money on economic development. The provincial government pursues economic development through a number of agencies and departments including the Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI). Black writes that although NSBI has a dedicated staff, it works under a flawed policy context. The problem facing Nova Scotia in the future will be jobs without people, not people without jobs.

With periodic updates, Black assesses the jobs situation in the province. He uses the positive example of the NS government assisting a local paper mill in easing the transition to the private sector, and offers recommendations for the future, stressing the importance of sustainable private-sector jobs. In addition, he highlights the stability our resource sectors brought to the Canadian economy during the global economic downturn. Resource-based industries are economic engines and are our best prospects for rural economic growth.

In Chasing the Jobs, Bill Black offers a comprehensive regional overview of the current economic development policies being pursued by the Nova Scotia government, and suggests a focus on aggressive immigration strategies, a sustainable private-sector, and embracing resource-based industries for future prosperity in Nova Scotia.

In Ferry Tales, the most recent addition  to Chasing the Jobs, Black examines the report that discusses the possibility of re-establishing a Yarmouth-US ferry service. Based on the report, Black concludes that there are likely better ways to spend the $30-35 million to support the region.

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