Members of the Canadian Health Care Consensus Group (CHCCG) came together to provide a platform for bold, reasoned and practical plans for genuine reform of the health system and to demonstrate that there is an emerging consensus among reform-minded observers about the direction that real reform must take.

The CHCCG, coordinated by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, includes medical practitioners, former health ministers, past presidents of the Canadian Medical Association and provincial medical and hospital associations, academics, and health care policy experts, all of whom are signatories to the Statement of Principles.

This study, first published for the C. D. Howe Institute, is written by Professor Patrick Monahan, Dean of Osgoode Hall Law School, and one of the original signatories to the CHCCG Statement of Principles. It assesses the far-reaching impacts of the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Chaoulli v Quebec 2005 and argues that provincial action on wait-time guarantees and patient accountability are key to the future of health care.

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