Canada has slipped; we no longer hold the coveted position of “best place in the world to live”. In this Commentary, AIMS Senior Policy Analyst, Stephen Kymlicka maps the road back to the top. 

Canada’s Place in the World is based on remarks by Kymlicka to the 6th Annual Student Research Symposium held at Dalhousie University’s Centre for International Business.

Canada’s Place in the World examines how the country generates wealth, evaluates Canada’s performance and highlights areas where improvements can be made.   

Kymlicka notes that Canada has amazing resources to work with and should also carry according responsibility:

“At the end of the day there will be great temptation to hide our failings in productivity and trade by exploiting resources like the oil sands. However, in the absence of real corporate and public sector leadership, we will continue to slide in international relevance and as “best place to live.” The solutions are out there, we just need to get to work.”

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