In brief: Emigration is a hot issue in rural communities around Atlantic Canada. Many a politician has fought an election on promises to bring the emigrants home. In this Commentary, Peter Fenwick, AIMS Fellow with responsibility for Fisheries and Issues in Newfoundland, takes a closer look at this philosophy.

“Come home, young man, come home!” So has been the cry of economic development schemes in Atlantic Canada for more than a generation.

It has been said one of the region’s biggest exports is actually its people. It’s suggested this is not a good thing.

In this Commentary, former Newfoundland NDP leader Peter Fenwick takes a look at emigration. It’s a topic of particularly importance to Fenwick, the AIMS Fellow with responsibility for Fisheries and Issue in Newfoundland. This time he takes a look at the issue with experience gained as the mayor of a small Newfoundland community.

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