Based on remarks by AIMS president Brian Lee Crowley to the Reaching Atlantica conference in June 2006, in Saint John, NB, this Commentary provides the next steps for the Atlantica concept.

Crowley concludes:

“What we have here is a genuine business opportunity whose significance has attracted the attention of our friends and neighbours across the border and in Washington, and that has been part of the impetus for the Atlantica concept. There is an opportunity here that is too big for Atlantic Canada to contain. But parochialism can still prevent that opportunity from being realized.

“Note that I have not called for much in the way of studies. God knows that, as a think tanker, I believe in the need to study things. Additional studies will no doubt help us to make the network work better and to understand what industries and clusters may need some special support. But most of the people who can make things happen already know what they have to do. The time to act is right now, because if we don’t, others will seize our opportunity and our moment will be gone.”

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