AIMS brings Atlantica message to Canada-US Border Trade Alliance in Chicago, as well as to the Management Committee of the Council of Atlantic Premiers

AIMS President Brian Lee Crowley was invited to bring the Institute’s Atlantica message to the annual conference of the Canada-US Border Trade Alliance (CanAmBTA) in Chicago on November 8th. In this speech and slide presentation, Crowley walked the delegates through the logic of Atlantica in the context of a growing movement to continental economic integration and globalization. This conference, which included one representative of each of the Canada-US border regions reaching from the Pacific to the Atlantic, underlined the extent to which the Canada-US economic relationship is increasingly being managed by the emerging regions. Atlantica is well behind some of the most advanced regions, such as PNWER and the New York-Quebec region, but it was clear from the reception given to the AIMS presentation that there is tremendous support and enthusiasm for the Atlantica concept. Now it just has to be built on the ground!

An enlarged version of this presentation was made November 23rd to the Management Committee of the Council of Atlantic Premiers (CAP). The Management Committee is made up of senior non-elected officials in the intergovernmental affairs field of the four Atlantic Provinces, and they oversee the management of the day-to-day affairs of the CAP. CAP is the Atlantic Canadian interlocutor (and the Canadian secretariat for) the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers meetings.