Having worked at the Montreal Economic Institute, Mr. Bernier was able to share his background in public policy, while addressing the fundamental Canadian issue of having too much government.

Using the example of Quebec, which has one of the largest and most interventionist governments in Canada, he explained that both Quebec and Atlantic Canada are too reliant on Ottawa for equalization payments, rendering the regions as fiscal burdens. Ultimately, this negatively impacts the Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Studies have shown that the less government intervenes in the economy, the more prosperous a society will be. Implementing more government, more spending programs and more economic redistribution is not going to solve these problems.

In A New Vision for Quebec and Atlantic Canada, Bernier proposes that instead of asking for more money from Ottawa, Quebec should become sufficiently rich so as to not be on the receiving end of the equalization program anymore. Perhaps Atlantic Canada could explore that option as well.

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