After reading the commentary by Robert Laurie (‘Arguing the case for provincial exams’ The Guardian, June 13, 2007), I have to wonder what Mr. Ghiz is thinking.

First, as a parent I am appalled at the lack of care that is being shown to our children’s futures. Most of our children unfortunately will leave this Island for work. If our children are under educated they cannot and will not be able to to compete with other provinces. Colleges and universities out of province may think twice about accepting our students knowing that P.E.I.’s educational system is ranked dead last in Canada. Standardized testing is the norm in most other provinces. It ensures that your child will be getting the same education no matter where your child attends school.

My child right now is in a school where pilot projects seem to be the new ‘in’ thing. Half of my child’s Grade 6 year will be condensed so that she can learn to speak French hopefully at a Grade 3 level, with no firm results. Standardized testing would ensure my child’s education and would prevent her from becoming a human guinea pig. Standardized testing would prevent individual schools from altering our children’s education without our permission. Standardized testing, Mr. Ghiz, would ensure a top quality education with excellent curriculum outcomes, proper assessments so that our children can and will be able to compete with our national and international counterparts. This would put Islanders first for a change, or is that just a campaign slogan?

Nora MacDonald, Morell

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