The Cape Breton Partnership will host its annual investor summit and annual general meeting Thursday at the Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa in Ingonish.

Community and business leaders are being invited to network, discuss and collaborate on issues facing the local economy and provide input on building a strong economic future for Cape Breton.

“The Cape Breton Partnership’s intention is to create a forum for thought provoking and compelling discussions on new ways to stimulate the economy of Cape Breton-Mulgrave,” said Keith MacDonald, the partnership’s executive director.

“This gathering is an ideal opportunity to propose and debate fresh new ideas that will help move this region’s economy forward.” 

The meeting will feature three guest speakers along with a panel discussion on the inherent value of Cape Breton.

Guest speakers will be Sir Graham Day, counsel for Stewart McKelvey; John Thompson, CEO of the Moncton Greater Enterprise; and Charles Cirtwill, president and CEO of the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies.

“This year’s agenda has a strong focus on ensuring that Cape Breton has a strong and prosperous economic future,” added MacDonald.

“By bringing together business and community leaders we have a valuable opportunity to gain input on how to further work toward that goal.”

This event will bring together delegates from over 150 organizations to discuss ways to further strengthen the island’s economic future.

For more information or to register for the summit and general meeting please visit or contact Blayr Billard at 562-0122 or [email protected].