The ninth annual AIMS Atlantic Canada High School Report Card tackles the question: How to make progress?

by Progress Magazine


We make strides in some areas. We get knocked back somewhere else. This is no way to make progress. There may be no crisis in education, but that’s the underlying problem, says Charles Cirtwill. So AIMS reminds us in its ninth annual High School Report Card. AIMS researchers caution that improving the education system across the Atlantic region requires the continued attention and activism of parents, employers, and community leaders. That, dear reader, is you.
Evidence guides the way
Measured progress and accountability are keys to education success.  by Jamie Newman
Average doesn’t fit all
There is no crisis in education and that’s the underlying problem. by Charles Cirtwill
Investing in children
Providing structured early childhood education pays social and economic dividends. Yet ECE is not atop the educational agenda. by Paul W. Bennett