The Liberal Opposition is again calling on the Premier to open the House of Assembly to all expert opinions on the proposed Muskrat Falls deal. Kathy Dunderdale has dismissed the recent report released by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies as a right-wing opinion that she doesn’t share.

The Liberals say AIMS has several well respected individuals among its senior ranks including the CEO of Emera Newfoundland and Labrador, and an economist from Memorial University. Leader Dwight Ball questions how the Premier can deny both her members and all MHAs the right to hear from experts who have examined the proposed deal as it currently stands.

Ball says it may be the last chance for government to put all its cards on the table and offer up what it claims is a great deal for the province.

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael says consumer protection is not too right-wing for her. She says Dunderdale’s continued rejection of expert opinions that do not match her own beliefs is troubling, and can only erode public support for the development.

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