Usually it’s the students who get the report cards.
But the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies released report cards for Nova Scotia’s high schools yesterday.
The schools were graded on how well students perform in public exams, attendance rates, post-secondary enrolment and pupil-to-teacher ratios.
“We look at two main objectives — the first is to keep students engaged in the learning process,” said Jamie Newman, policy analyst for AIMS. “The second is what we call achievement – the actual competencies they’re gaining in the classes in high school.”
Newman says students and parents can use this information to demand better of schools that are doing poorly in certain areas.
AIMS compiled data from the department of education and the school boards for the school years between 2006 and 2009 to rank and grade the schools.
Auburn Drive High School in Cole Harbour came out ranking fourth out of 54 schools in Nova Scotia with a mark of B+. Charles P. Allen High School, Halifax West High School, and Dartmouth High School followed close behind taking eight, ninth and tenth spots respectively.
Cole Harbour District High School and Duncan Macmillan High School were at the bottom of the barrel with C grades.
There was not enough information to rank Citadel High School.