VANCOUVER – Three Metro Vancouver cities are among the top five best-run cities in Canada, according to a new survey of 31 urban centres. Burnaby is number one on the list, according to Maclean’s magazine, with Surrey coming in third and Vancouver fourth.

The survey was undertaken by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, based in Halifax. It does not “try to measure quality of life” or determine the “best place to live,” the magazine says. “Rather, it focuses on the contribution of local governments to this end.”
The survey judges cities’ effectiveness at providing services and producing results in such areas as road maintenance, park services, garbage pick-up and firefighting.

Of the 31 cities surveyed, Kingston, Ont. and Charlottetown are the worst run. Saskatoon, Sask. and Longueil, Quebec are in the top five along with the B.C. cities.

Details of the survey can be found at the
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