Some schools within the Strait Regional School Board have received high marks in a report on Atlantic Canadian high schools.

 Dr. John Hugh Gillis High is ranked number one in the province in the report by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.

 AIMS Policy Analyst Jamie Newman tells The Hawk the Antigonish school had high marks in several categories.

 “They were top in attendance in the province,” he says. “They had the highest attendance rates out of the schools that the rates were available.”

 Newman says Dr. J.H. Gillis also had very high language arts marks in provincial exams; graduates are also getting good marks in post-secondary education.

 He says Cape Breton Highlands Academy is still one of the best in the province, despite a drop to second after three years in first.

 “Their math school mark achievement did drop them,” he says. “But the key thing here is that it is less about the overall drop in Cape Breton Highlands, and more about the gains Dr. J.H. Gillis made that caused their drop.”

 East Antigonish Academy in Monastery was ranked fifth in the province; Canso Academy was seventh.

 Newman says Baddeck Academy slipped off the radar- the school didn’t get a final grade because its attendance record couldn’t be included.

 He says the school had the highest marks in the province for post secondary achievements.

 You can find the full report, including grades for every school in the province, by clicking here.