In the year since the Ivany Commission told Nova Scotians that fundamental changes are needed to reverse the slide in the economy, critics say the government is “slow off the mark,” implementing the changes.

The report called “Now or Never: A Call to Action for Nova Scotians” made 19 recommendations that include boosting exports and the number of new businesses, as well as attracting more people to Nova Scotia. 

John Bragg is the founder and president of Oxford Frozen Foods, the world’s largest blueberry producer, and a member of the Ivany Commission. 

He gave the keynote speech Wednesday night at an event called For the Love of Nova Scotia, hosted by the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies.

Here’s Bragg’s assessment of what progress the province has made, one year later:

“Well I’m not either satisfied or disappointed, but I do think we are slow off the mark,” said the Cumberland County blueberry baron and owner of Eastlink Cable. 

This article appeared in CBC News, Nova Scotia and Yahoo! News