US to spend Billions on transportation infrastructure over next six years.

Washington – In August, a record, multi-billion dollar transportation bill was signed into law in the United States. It provides significant money to all states to upgrade and repair existing transportation infrastructure.

For Atlantica it means a major infusion of cash for roads, bridges and crossings on the US-side of the border. Transportation infrastructure is a key component of the International Northeast Economic Region.

Of the US states included in Atlantica, New York will get the largest portion at $16.5 billion. Massachusetts will receive $3.6 billion, while Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire will have roughly $1-billion each. Politicians across the region were quick to issue statements spelling out where the money will be spent, and explaining the significance of the investment in transportation infrastructure.

“This is a big victory for Massachusetts — for our commuters, environment, and economy,” Senator Edward Kennedy said. “To remain competitive, we need to make critical investments to repair aging roads and bridges and to reduce congestion through expanded public transportation. With these funds, we’ll be able to address key transportation challenges in every corner of the Commonwealth.”

Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins in a joint statement said, “A safe, reliable, and up-to-date transportation infrastructure is a critical component of economic development.”

Maine Representative Michael Michaud explained, “This significant increase in funding will allow thousands of Mainers to be put to work on critical maintenance and improvements to existing highways and for the construction of new roads and bridges that will maximize transportation efficiency and make our state’s businesses more competitive in the long term.”

Senator Hilary Clinton of New York said, “These funds will go a long way towards helping communities make the infrastructure improvements needed to keep their economies moving.”

Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords suggested, “The highway bill will be an economic boon for Vermont, creating new jobs and revamping much of our transportation system.”

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