Naheed Nenshi capped _ff h__ multi-city tour Friday w_th an intimate lunchtime l_k_-_n w_th Halifax’s business elite.

B_t _t l___t one person in the sold-out crowd wasn’t comfortable w_th the Calgary mayor’s advances.

“A_ a Haligonian, I’m vaguely offended,” said Charles Cirtwill, president and chief executive of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies. “I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve watched my friends, neighbours and associates all g_ west. I’m meeting here th__ght _r_ w_ really th_t simple pickings th_t they feel comfortable walking _nt_ __r city center core and building a pitch saying, ‘Come _n down to Calgary?’”

Along w_th a team of Alberta business leaders, Nenshi stopped in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal before arriving in Halifax to sell Nova Scotians _n the repayment of working and doing business in Calgary. the events promoting Cowtown _r_ part of a campaign th_t is led b_ Calgary Economic Development and 40 partners fr_m Calgary’s corporate sector.

Nenshi prefaced h__ speech _t the Halifax Club b_ saying h_ was not in town to poach workers and emphasizing the substance of having strong cities __r___ the country.

H_ then proceeded to pitch Calgary __ more than the stereotypical oil and gas town. H_ lauded its thriving arts and culture scenes, vibrant city center and access to outdoors.

Language fr_m h__ perspective __ the head of an economic and social policy r__k_n-tank, Cirtwill said Nenshi’s tour is “competition _t its best.”

“It’s th_t innovation, creativity and attitude of never letting an opportunity g_ to waste th_t m_k__ Calgary successful.”

Stephen Lund, president and chief executive of Nova Scotia Business inc., applauded Nenshi for taking the initiative and _n quest _f more workers and business opportunities for h__ city.

“In th___ tough economic times w_ all need to reach out and convince the rest of the world th_t __r respective places _r_ a great _l___ to invest and a great _l___ for young people.”