In this interview, choice in education – and in particular, the Edmonton school system in which kids have a choice of schools though all are publicly funded – is discussed. The main question is, “Why do schools ask kids to change? Why can’t schools change?”

AIMS President and CEO Charles Cirtwill is interviewed about school choice systems across the country – and the globe – and the resistance to change in education in Canada.

AIMS Senior Fellow for Education Research Angus McBeath is described as “one of the architects” behind putting choice in the Edmonton school system in the 1970s, while working as a superintendent. He is interviewed about his experience, and the merits of choice in public education. In Edmonton, children are offered plenty of choice in the schools they attend, and have the opportunity to accomodate their learning styles within a publicly-funded school system. Children can also switch schools, and the funding will follow them. Many of the choices available to Edmonton students were actually fueled by parents.


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