TRURO, NOVA SCOTIA – CUPE Nova Scotia President Danny Cavanagh is headed to Moncton for a gathering of labour leaders from across the region tomorrow, to fight the planned sale of NB Power.

Cavanagh says, “The Federations of Labour from the four Atlantic provinces along with the Canadian Labour Congress, CUPE and other large unions are going to put a plan together to make sure we stop this ridiculous deal to hand over the rights of our children and our children’s children, to control their own energy policy.

“We absolutely share Premier Dexter’s concerns about what impact this will have on Nova Scotia’s ability to sell our own power to the North American market,” Cavanagh says.

“The fact that the New Brunswick government is not prepared to give us or Newfoundland and Labrador a written guarantee that we will have access to those markets, should give Nova Scotians great cause for concern,” he says.

“I would suggest that if both CUPE and the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies – a group we don’t usually see eye to eye with – are voicing many of the same concerns about the New Brunswick deal, then there must be some validity to it,” says Cavanagh.