“The tyranny of distance no longer limits trade,” so explains this article in the Port of Halifax December magazine. In “Charting a new course”, Halifax Port Authority (HPA) president and CEO Karen Oldfield explains what the port is doing to attract new shipping lines and new shippers.

Brian Lee Crowley, the president of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) explains Halifax’s new business with Asia is a sign of a shift in how international trade moves.

“The new network activities that increasingly dominate the globe and the continent connect the industrial heartland of North America with Europe and Asia via a series of trade corridors radiating out from the Port of Halifax to major destinations in North America.”

Federal Transportation Minister Jean LaPierre points out:

“Halifax boasts the only seaport on the eastern coast of North America deep enough to accommodate fully lader, post-Panamax vessels. Even more important that its depth is the seamless intermodal connection from ship to the CN line into the heart of North America.”

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