Canada Watch
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Washington Advocacy Secretariat, Embassy of Canada
August 24, 2006

Security and Foreign Affairs
Patrons of Terror Get a Free Ride

According to Alex Wilner of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, the recent UN Security Council resolution that put in place a ceasefire in the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict did not effectively deal with the root causes of the problem–Syria and Iran. Wilner contends that by neither identifying nor condemning Hezbollah’s supporters, the Security Council has done two great disservices to the international struggle against terrorism. First, it has ensured another round of bloody Middle East conflict, sooner rather than later. Second, it has given supporters and sponsors of terrorists everywhere comfort that they can count on escaping strong and international censure for the mayhem that they cause. 

Domestic Policy
What is Public and What is Private?
The Canadian Health Care Consensus Group (CHCCG)–in conjunction with the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies–has released its first background paper on Canada’s health care system. The report, entitled Going Public on What is Private, argues that debates over the benefits of private versus public health could be dissipated rather quickly if people were able to better define the meaning of both terms. The study further highlights the fact that the Canadian public, by and large, confuses the payment for the service with the supply of the service when entering the public versus private fray. (note: link opens to a 9 pg. PDF)

Canada’s New Political Geometry
Brian Lee Crowley, of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, asserts in the latest Canada West Foundation magazine that if the 20th Century belonged to Canada, as Sir Wilfrid Laurier so famously claimed, the 21st belongs to the West. Crowley argues that Asia’s integration into the global economy, as well as America’s overwhelming concern with establishing secure energy sources makes the Canadian West as powerful as ever. As such, Crowley states that the impetus for Senate reform in Western provinces is now lacking, and for just reasons.$file/wic081206.htm