“The tax plan… is a remarkable leap forward for New Brunswick and I think it throws down the gauntlet to the neighboring provinces to catch up.” – Charles Cirtwill, executive vice-president, Atlantic Institute for Market Studies

“An eight per cent general corporate income tax rate should help to attract new activity across all sectors… The government isn’t trying to pick winners and losers” – Mary Webb, Senior Economist, Scotiabank

“The deficits might actually be larger than projected.” – Pascal Gauthier, Economist, TD Bank

“I’m very happy that the economic funds for the north were brought back, unfortunately the north-west region was not included again.” – Louis-Philippe Gauthier, president of le Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick inc.

“We would have liked to see a bit more on directed tax incentives. This will help us beat the competition in terms of getting people to come here to invest.” – Don Dennison, executive director, New Brunswick Business Council

“Capital markets are really tight right now we would have liked to see an extension of the investment tax credits to the forestry sector to the broader manufacturing community.” – David Plante, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

“We have viewed changes to the small business investor tax credit to be very positive for the ICT sector in terms of supporting entrepreneurship.” – Richard Jones, President, Propel ICT