The Nova Scotia Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy Review Officer agreed strongly with what AIMS has been saying for years. In a series of reports, he forcefully stated that the release of basic information about the performance of Nova Scotia’s public schools is in the public interest. He ordered that School Boards should move immediately to release the information requested by AIMS and put processes in place to ensure the information is easily accessible in future.

AIMS was forced to apply under the FOI/POP legislation when Nova Scotia school boards refused to provide the information, or demanded tens of thousands in dollars in fees to produce it. In New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador this information is readily available without need to resort to FOI requests and Prince Edward Island’s two school districts provided all the information requested for a fee of $2,000.

AIMS vice president Charles Cirtwill was interviewed on CBC Radio’s Maritime Noon.

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For a link to the news release and copies of the Review Officer’s decision reports, click here.