The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies is out with its 9th Annual Report Card on schools in Atlantic Canada, including this province.

For the third year in a row, J.M. Olds Collegiate in Twillingate remained in the top spot and maintained its A- rating. Last year’s second- and third-ranked schools – Gonzaga High School in St. John’s and Bay d’Espoir in Milltown – both dropped in rankings from second to sixth and third to 24th respectively. AIMS says in Gonzaga’s case, it’s a result of 25 more schools receiving a final grade rather than of a decline in performance; Bay d’Espoir is due to a decline in performance. Jane Collins Academy, last year’s third last-ranked school, improved from a C to a B-. AIMS says that’s largely due to their significant improvement on provincial exams and post-secondary achievement. AIMS says Appalachia High School remains at the bottom for the third straight year due to poor performance in keeping students engaged and training in essential areas.

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